Rhona Fox

Our friends over @ profile Rhona Fox:

I've known Rhona Fox for a while mostly through email communication. We finally met at the 12th annual World Creole Music Festival where she accompanied her then client Machel Montano who was a performer on the last night of the event. In a word one could describe her "happy". OK two- I had to throw in "professional." She had her business cards at hand and was very accommodating to the press and whoever else wanted Machel's time. She is a respected name in Caribbean entertainment and I am so proud to have her as my first interview in my 20 Questions segment!!!!!!!!Did you guys know that she directed Gyptian's I can feel your pain video.And here's an inside scoop it was all shot inside her New York home! What I like about her is that everyone says things like "Rhona is cool people" "Rhona is sweet" "She is humble" "She is smart and beautiful!" That is something she should feel very proud of.In an industry where there are just so many haters and trust is not always easily established, it's great to know that people like Rhona exist.

It's no wonder why she has clients like Shaggy, Lil Jon, Machel Montano, Sean Paul, Kevin Lyttle, Annya Li, Richie Spice and Gyptian, of course to name a few. And no I am not naive, she is gorgeous and friendly, but she is also diligent, hardworking and dedicated. A great example for women who want to make it in any field (she has paid her dues and proven her value), Rhona continues to use her talents, skills and knowledge to forge ahead as a leader in the Caribbean entertainment forefront. She has enlisted a loyal team who put out QUALITY work. Yeah, "classy"- that is definitely a word that comes to mind when trying to describe a Rhona Fox event! Read More



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