St Vincent soca crooner Kevin Lyttle and Bermudan reggae act Colin "Collie Buddz" Harper have both come out in support of soca music, following recent controversy over statements made by Jamaican lecturer Dr Kwame Nantambu during an interview on a Jamaican radio station.

Speaking to the Express from Miami yesterday, Lyttle said: "That's crazy! If he has a problem with one song, or one lyric, then as a professor he has the right to address the issue in a more formal manner and organise a petition; have it signed by a number of people, proving that the song is offensive and causes harm to many people in society and it's not just his opinion.

"I think his approach is totally wrong and being from the Caribbean, he should recognise the value of this music and culture to our economies and to our society."

Lyttle rose to fame in 2004 with the smash single "Turn Me On" and was signed to Atlantic Records soon after. Read More



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