Caribbean Cuisine

Simple Cuisine The Caribbean and Beyond
By Herbert Henry

Simple Cuisine The Caribbean and Beyond, by new author Herbert Henry, takes an innovative look at the culinary world of the Caribbean. The book has all the ingredients of a rich story worth reading and it is a true labor of love, written by a father in an effort to help his sick daughter.

It began in March of 2005 when a young lady, barely sixteen, suddenly started to feel unbearable pain all over her body, and swelling around her eyes and nose. Her parents, who were new restaurant owners, living in the Caribbean at the time, had to close their business and take her to the United States for medical treatment. The Connecticut Children’s Hospital diagnosed her with an auto immune disease, called Dermatomyositis, and within months, she lost her mobility and had to be confined to a wheel chair.

She was then taken to Shiners Hospital for Children in Boston and after weeks of rehab, regained partial mobility. She has had several relapses of the illness and is unable to do anything for herself. Dermatomyositis is a serious connective-tissue disease, characterized by inflammation of the muscles and the skin. Although the cause is unknown, the advent of modern treatments is promising for patients today, with remission being a possibility. Henry’s daughter is currently being treated in Connecticut where she is cared for full time by both parents. The family is in crisis and funds have run low, but they are not giving up on her.

The idea for the book, originated when Henry who is a chef, decided to put his culinary ideas to the test, both as a catharsis to help take his mind off his daughter’s illness and to create something from his work that would help to raise funds for her medical care. A percentage of the proceeds from the book go to a charity for children with ailments such as Dermatomyositis. The family is grateful for the many donations they have already received to defray the costs of their daughter’s care.

Simple Cuisine The Caribbean and Beyond gives a main stream guide to Caribbean cooking with a creative flare, while offering readers the opportunity to give to a worthy cause. Contact information:Search for Simple Cuisine The Caribbean and Beyond at



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