Nanko: makes waves!!

After dominating local and international reggae charts with his now classic "Lucky You" single the reserved but truly talented singer / songwriter Nanko is back with yet another scorching hot song for the ladies this one called "Speechless".

The song which was recorded in MiamiFlorida at Heavy Beat Studio's is a bubbler that finds Nanko keeping within his comfort zone, delivering the same signature smooth flow fans have come to love over a healthy one drop riddim production. Speechless which by all accounts seem to be the most potent Nanko single since "Loca Amor" is said to be the first official single off an upcoming album due out later this year.

Born Patrick Powell Nanko introduced the concept behind Speechless and also gave a heads up on a few other happenings.

"I wrote Speechless early last year and the song is basically about a promise I'm making to a girl letting her know I'm gonna give her all the things in the world, material things but the bottom line is to let her know I love her, but that's not the only song out, I have one called "Flying Saucer" which is another song for the girls but with a different style. On that one I'm deejaying and a lot of people never hear Nanko deejay yet but I think dem going to like the mix. Is a whole lot of work we have planned for 2000 and great I did a track for a producer name "Extra" out of OldHarbor and I also have some songs doing with Rock Stone Productions in New York so the fans can start look back for Nanko in the streets".

Nanko who hails from the Winter's Pen community of Spanish Town currently also has a hot video in rotation on a number of local cable stations for the collaboration single "Break Free" alongside upcoming DJ Atomic and the singjay G Whizz. He is now managed by Michael Williams who has been streamlining a number of promotional efforts for the singer.



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