Gemstone X Factor (GXF) is an online internet Caribbean community designed and created specifically for Caribbean Fashion. Its platform caters to Networking, Making of new friends, Promoting, Educating and keeping GXF members and visitors in touch with some of the latest Caribbean fashion trends about in the Caribbean region and Internationally.

GXF aim to provide a platform of diverse Fashion showcase of the Caribbean fashion industry by working closely with talented and aspiring Clothing Designers, Models, Fashion Show Event Promoters, Hair, Skin & Nail Stylist, Swim wear/Carnival Designers, Make up Artist, and Jewelry Designers.

On many occasions, loyal fans of Caribbean Fashion are limited to minimal reliable sources in search of Fashion Events, Upcoming Designers, Featured Caribbean Model(s), News and Informative information in the Caribbean Fashion Industry. GXF houses a Database along with associated Photographers, Marketers and Event Specialist, working closely to help bridge the gap to help unite and push Caribbean Fashion a step forward by keeping our audience for the love of Fashion, informed.

GXF provides feedbacks from guests of any particular fashion event or members stating there input through its message boards. Not only this provides the ability for members to interact with each other in real time, networking, making of friends, or shares the same passion for Fashion in an interesting chat, will become a thing of the past.

The Informative information aspect of GXF produces a monthly publication of featured Upcoming or known Clothing Designer, Model or Fashion Stylist through interview of one’s objectives, goals, motivations behind there work in efforts to further promote the culture of Caribbean Fashion. Through other source applications on GXF, Clothing Designers work, Model Portfolios both in imagery and video are displayed through our Photo and Multi-Media Gallery by GXF staff or active members of the GXF community.

To help keep our Media Center active, GXF associated photographers are always on standby to receive assignments to cover Special Fashion Show Events and partake in the creation of Promotional Imagery in part of photo shoots for any Fashionable Product or Model bio. Our network is currently available to New York City residents for which we have intension on expanding our Media coverage of events from associated Photographers in different parts of the Caribbean Region and Domestically with in the United States.

GXF members and visitors alike will have the ability to purchase the work of a Designer through GXF Buyer and Seller System. This system incorporates Ebay style functionality for where purchase of a product is channeled through a secure environment with in GXF system.

GXF is your dedicated provider of Caribbean Fashion Entertainment, News and reliable information on Designers, Stylist, Models and industry updates.
Based in NYC - Parent Company Gemstone Productions.

Gemstone Productions, Inc is a New York City based Photograph Production Company that specializes in professional photography. G.P. services many avenues ranging from Event Concert Coverage for Music Artist(s) of all genres, Catwalk photo shoots for aspiring clothing designer(s),Photography for professional to aspiring models and help in the promotion of Caribbean Magazine Publication Imagery.

Myspace: - Gemstone Productions, Inc
MYspace: GXFactor.Com # 1 Source of Caribbean Fashion helping to push Caribbean Fashion a step forward.



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