Kerron Henry

Hi, My name is Kerron Henry and I am 21 years old. I am a student at Monroe College, New Rochelle NY, but I reside in Boston MA, USA.I am a Kidney patient at the Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston with approximately 10% kidney function. I am in urgent need of a Kidney Transplant, and I am pleading to anyone out in the public who is willing to donate their Kidney so that I can have a chance to live to a ripe old age. I will be very grateful and thankful to anyone who is willing to help.

My Blood type is "A" but I can also accept people with the "O" blood type. Any other blood types are also welcome because of the possibilityof switching donors with someone else who may have your blood type(I can have their donor if they dont match and you can give to someoneelse who does match). The Minimun age to be a Donor is 25. This is supposedly the age where most of the serious illnesses you will have in your life time should show.

Therefore they can gauge how healthy you really are.If anyone is interested you may contact Nurse Kristen Pelletier, RN at the Brigham & Women's HospitalYou may call on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to contact Nurse Pelletier.

Kristen Pelletier RN Transplant Coordinator Brigham & Women's Hospital Division of Transplant Surgery 75 Francis Street PBB 215 Boston, MA 02115 Telephone: 617.732.8683 Fax: 617.975.0935 She will help you with ANY questions you may have about the process of donating your kidney. P.S. You can do a little research yourself on Kidney Donation by these websites. It may be useful to know that Human Beings onlyactually need 1 kidney. And the recovery rate for the Donor is alot faster than that of the one accepting the kidney.

Here is some information. (Living Donor Information) PDF file (25 Facts about Kidney Donation and Transplant) (PDF file)

Please FORWARD this email to everyone in your account. You never know who may be willing to donate. It will be VERY Helpful. Thanks to everyone in advance.



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