I did some more research on Caribbean websites and thought this would be something people can pay attention to.

Keep in mind that some website will say they have X amount of hits. Let me explain what HITS are. HITS pretty much count many different times when one visitor click on a website and look at pics, articles, and other parts of the websites.HITS made simple: 1 visitor = 60 pictures on a website = 60 Hits. My point is that hits are misleading.

Page Views count visitors to the site and is the more accurate numbers. I wanted to know the real numbers behind some of the websites out there. I will list the top 5 websites in terms of visitors/page views and regions of where people are visiting from.

* Data based on Alexa rank

1. DancehallReggae with 34,884 U.S. visitors per month
United States 23.9%
Jamaica 15.2%
United Kingdom 10.5%
Trinidad and Tobago 7.3%
Canada 6.6% Germany 5.3%

The thing I like about this site is that they have a built in distributions system for their website from the DVD's they sell. The website can make a lot of money if the right E shops are put in place. The potential is great. I don't think they have reached it yet. There is more to come from this site.

2. Toronto-Lime.com with 32,067 U.S. visitors per month

Canada 29.5%
United States 20.3%
Barbados 13.3%
Trinidad and Tobago 11.8%
Grenada 4.1%
United Kingdom 2.6%

No surprise here!

3. TriniJungleJuice.com with 10,175 U.S. visitors per month No data for where people are visiting from. They are optimized well. My guess is that their profits should rise in the future if they stay on the grind.

4. IslandMix.com 9,926 U.S. visitors per month I think this site is great and I am not surprised by the numbers they do monthly. I will say this I think the site will make more money and generate more TRAFFIC if it was built to be the first social website for the Caribbean VS. just a forum based website....i need 10% for that idea.

5. LinkupMedia.com with 2,899 U.S. visitors per month No need to say much here. Company owner Squeeze seem to have an understanding of the internet and will continue to benefit from it. He owns quite a few websites. One I really like is ReggaeTunes.com

It will be exciting to see how these top websites grow in the future. Honorable mention is YARDVIBEZ.com and Carib101.com

Please keep in mind these numbers are for the past three months.



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