It has been a long time since I blogged. As you may know. We have Chris Campbell on the team. He does commentary for
Well, I did some research and found something interesting. Machel Montano understands the power of the internet. He has registered and the most important I think is
You may ask why is this important. In the world of marketing, most marketers underestimate the power of a good domain name. I think in the Caribbean we often neglect or ignore this possibility.
Here is why Machel made a good investment. He owns his internet brand. He also owns a website that has great potential for Soca music. Did you know that if you wanted to purchase is worth over $30,000. The site is not being used by anyone for the purpose of SOCA music. parent company also owns However, I think that Socatunes is a great name and will make Machel Montano a lot of money some day.
Here are some ideas for this or A digital download e shop for Soca music. Well, there goes a revolutionary idea. lol
So here is my advise to Caribbean artist. Register your name as a website. Don't just use As your popularity rises so will you website.
Here is an example, If beenie man does not own do you know the millions of people who goes to that website daily. if beeni man register this will be a less desirable name. Most people do not think will slash (-) in the name. Bad for market who is trying to promote beenie man products or music.
Hope this was helpful. Big ups to Machel Montano for getting a head of the game.



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