I have been spending most of time paying attention to stats, and the power of Youtube.  The interesting thing about Youtube or Youchube (Jamaican vernacular coined by Ricky Trooper), if you will. I am learning a few things about how to embrace this extension of DancehallSoca which recently started to produced one of many new mini series.  I tweeted earlier today saying, "It is also interesting how even when an artist misspells the title of their songs...the fans still search for the correct spelling :)"

What I noticed with our higher  viewership videos was the search for correct spelling of words by the audience which yields results.  Destra Garcia and Kerwin Dubois "Baddist" is one example.  The name of the song is Baddist but if you actually listen to the song you will think the title is "Baddest".  Therefore, it was easy to conclude that some would search for the song as "Baddest".  What is in a name?  Well, as it appears thousands of views and free advertising for the song and the creator of the video....

As the journey continues.....

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