The latest buzz among Caribbean nationals, Caribbean enthusiasts and fans of all things internet is the new social networking community Since its recent launch at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, this dynamic, innovative web portal has left an impression both off and online.

Conceptualized by Sean Roach and co-developed by Roach and Miguel Carrillo, Chatfolks aims to connect Caribbean people within the region and the global diaspora while providing a platform for showcasing the vibrancy of Caribbean life to the entire world. As the website’s name suggests, it gives all of its users the opportunity to not only chat on personal and current events occurring in the Caribbean community but also to discuss topics of interest that are common to all of its people such as its unique but shared culture, music, entertainment, events, sports, style and fashion.

When asked about what makes this new website stand out in this competitive market, Roach stated, “Unlike other social networking websites and even other Caribbean websites, Chatfolks combines the informative aspect with the social aspect. It connects, unifies and informs across a range of categories”.
He also emphasized that the website appeals to individuals with and without any Caribbean background or heritage and it aspires to give the globe a true taste of the Caribbean.

This fresh online experience incorporates several of the beloved features which social network aficionados have grown to know and love including blogs, picture and album sharing, personal mail, event posting and group creation. The site also offers online gaming, quizzes, birthday reminders, activity areas, free job postings and of course several facets of chatting.

In addition to being an open and interactive medium which gives its members a high level of control e.g. the ability to customize their profile pages as well as the site’s homepage, the majority of Chatfolks’ content will be generated from its users. The ‘chatters’ are encouraged to contribute to the chat via comments, blogs, forums, polls and shout boxes on a variety of subject matters pertinent to the Caribbean.

Most notably, together with the traditional chat pop up box, Chatfolks users will also be able to benefit from its video chat feature which consists of both a ‘one to one’ and ‘many to many’ user option. This particular feature has been embraced by the masses as it now gives them the opportunity to communicate in a visual format.

At the recent U.W.I Life extravaganza, Chatfolks made its debut with a massive booth draped in its Orange and Blue theme colours and featured displays by its corporate partners Langston Roach Industries Ltd. and E City. The campus population came out in large numbers to learn about and sign up for the latest social networking website via the onsite laptop stations while they also welcomed and appreciated the complimentary ‘Chatfolks’ memorabilia.

One excited student said, “Chatfolks is a really cool idea and I believe it has the propensity to surpass the popularity of Facebook in the Caribbean market”.
Another recently registered male student shared, “I think that a huge number of people from around the islands will lock onto this website, especially because of its video chat capability. Also I think it will really do well because it is created by Caribbean people for Caribbean people”.’s impactful start is indeed evident as it has already attracted several young, urban professionals and even Caribbean entertainment personalities. Already recognized by many as an excellent medium for fostering tourism in the region and promoting interest for Caribbean brands, cultures, festivals and creative entities, it is also viewed as the best medium to chat and share experiences with Caribbean communities.

The website which is Caribbean owned, Caribbean operated and Caribbean centered is indeed positioned to flourish and its diligent team promises to continuously develop new features and site updates en route to its becoming a top ranking world-wide web outlet.

For more information and to sign up for “”:

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