We often hear the term, "time is money",  we conjure up a a perspective which relates to the thought process that we should be making money for our valuable time. While making money from your time is one thing we talk about all the time.  Time is useful for many aspect of our life, time is an important dimension and most often the one we forget even exists.  Time cannot be created by you or I, but it can be wasted or be utilized properly to enhance our current experience.  This experience is usually measurable by how we utilize TIME to master the details of our lives. 

Time is our most valuable resource because we are allotted a set amount and the only way to properly utilize this valuable resource is to use it well.   I recently had a conversation with one of the Caribbean's top producers Kamau Georges who share similar reading and interest as I do.  We had previous conversations about meeting but was not able to until the perfect coincidence (read Deepak Chopra Book of Secrets) of many different circumstances allowing this meeting to happen.  As a result, we were able to discuss information we may have never discussed had we met in previous attempts.  I used this as an example to illustrate that things happen within its TIME, it can never be forced, it can only be mastered based on how we approach our use of TIME.

Seth Godin's Linchpin and 4 Hour workweek were two books we discussed. Read them and apply (execute) them in order to master how you approach and work with TIME.

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