Are you an online Caribbean business? Would you consider your ideas and execution of those concepts viable to your online growth? In the current climate, having less can actually mean having more. This insight can produce rewards and develop relationships that can propel your online Caribbean business into being a well known brand.

With little capital to invest like the major online brands, I use a strategy which is based on a simple but proven technique. This is not something I developed, I only observed the process and then applied it to my situation. People naturally group themselves into categories, I will assign these as : On Lookers, Users, and Supporters.

On Lookers

They are aware that you are there. They see your brand online, they have used your services, However, they are not engaged with you or your business. I like to think of these people as followers in a sense. They need to hear what others have to say before they step in and engage with your online company or become a active member. I do not think that this is a bad thing and we can all be in this group at one point or another.


I was once told, if you cannot be used, you are useless. This is a concept which sounds harsh, however, if you peel back the layers, it is easy to see why you would want people to use your online services, read articles, and interact with your content. Why? Because those interested see a way that your business is useful to them. Users in this sense, clearly point to a customer base whom may just get what they want from you and then move on or may return when they would like something else.


The most important of the three to any online Caribbean medium. Supporters are engaged with your growth and process. They truly believe in what you are doing. This group always retweet, send your link to others, they talk about your product to others. This group deserves the most attention because they are your base. These are the people you respond to on twitter, Facebook. They deserve your time and energy. These people will account for 80% of the viewership, and referrals.

Slow and steady win the marathon, who ever you pay attention will be where all your energy is spent. If you choose to spend a great deal of energy on Users or Onlookers, I believe you are wasting your valuable time. When most of your energy is spent with your supporters, then you encourage deep meaningful connections that will enhance their experience and bring in more supporters.

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