STING: Online Concert Access?

The online presence for Sting has clearly taken a turn for the better. Sting Jamaica introduced online access to the famous Sting concert-a staple in Dancehall Reggae community worldwide, can now be accessed via online. I began updating on my twitter account stating that the live show will be able to viewed live for a cost (disclaimer-I am not affiliated with Sting). At last count, there were 2,373 online and at $50USD each, that is potential revenues of $118,650USD or $10, 679,500 JMD. Not bad for exclusive access to STING.

By 11:00pm on December, 26th; the registered website was being listed as an attack site. I am not sure if the site was hacked but clearly something happened over the past few hrs. picked up the slack and the site was redirected.

I am sure we will begin to see other major concerts offering this option for those in the diaspora or those not able to make the show. I have in a mind a variety of concerts that may benefit and may have the potential to earn additional revenues by creating online access-Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, Fully Loaded, Champions in Action. I do think the $50 USD cost is fair. I hope the Sting promoters are successful with this new online venture because once the dollars makes sense, we will see an increase in access for concerts across the Caribbean.

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