Soca artiste Ms. Alysha is among Soca's virtual elites, she is gearing up to make her presence online even more prominent. Ms. Alysha is one of the few Soca artiste who is already using twitter to connect with audience/media.

Based on what I am seeing, the website looks very nice. Ms. Alysha has all her social media authority on her website. Authority is important for personalities like Ms. Alysha, to promote and connect with media companies for verification and promotion.

Ms. is live now, this is a very good strategy, for about a week, I have been receiving updates stating that the website would be launched Oct 21st. This builds anticipation, however, if you are "fass" like me, I went straight to the website to see what was already there. Check it out Ms. Alysha, launches October 21st.

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