I recently browsed over to Buying Jamaica, a online superstore via Etana's website. I was impressed by the easy navigation, and dynamic content on the website. It appears the site is lacking in the amount of products they offer. Regardless of the product offerings, I see this site being the Overstock of the Caribbean in the future. I am unsure of how they go about connecting with producers of what they sell, the website has great potential to offer much more. Buying Jamaica has the basics, a nice website, trustworthy-secured payments through paypal, and Visa.

The plus for Buy Jamaica is the customer service number and 24/7 email access. I have never ordered anything from this website, I am unsure of how long shipping takes for person's living overseas. The website did not say where products are shipped from. However, the office is located in Red Hills, Kingston and my guess is that it is shipped from there.

BuyingJamaica.com is a complete online superstore supplying everything you need that is of Jamaican make or origin. We source and provide the very best products that are manufactured in Jamaica and bring it all together in one online superstore. With the aid of our comprehensive team of shipping partners, we ensure that these items are delivered to our customers in the best possible time and condition.

BuyingJamaica.com has several shopping departments that include, Music, DVD's Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Food & Beverage, Art & Craft, Books & Literature, Sport Memorabilia, Health & Beauty and Souvenirs. From these departments our customers can find products to satisfy their needs such as coffee, canned ackees and mangos, Bob Marley T-Shirts and souvenirs, CD's & DVD's from Jamaican musicians and play writes and wonderful pottery and paintings in addition to many more items.

With BuyingJamaica.com there is no need to search the web for various individual websites to find your favourite Jamaican products as everything can be found in the same place with the very best prices and the most reliable shipping options directly from Jamaica.

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