A deeply held belief of mines; we can be agents of change, when we teach others and provide information which allows them to explore, discover, and develop into productive persons. This relates to the concept of, "teach how to fish and this person can fish for a lifetime".

This perspective was the catalyst for registering DonateNonProfits.org. The domain will resolve to a charitable organization. A new charity will be picked each month. I will send this link to our twitter/facebook pages a few times per month. This will hopefully help to raise money for these organizations I have identified as carrying out the mission of teaching others to fish.

Teaching to fish concept:

*Education programs

*Skills based programs

* Vocational programs

How to get your non for profit organization link to:

*must have a donate button on website

*Must be designated in country of origin as a recognized non for profit (Code section 501(c)(3), for US based companies)

*Email Me

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