Lately, I have been paying close attention to Caribbean artistes who get the value of their online marketing. I made this point countless times before, I will make it again; every serious Caribbean artiste need to have an online presence beyond myspace. It is great to have a myspace page, but it is better to leverage those visitors to your website. Literally and figuretively, you should control your own domain.

"Castafari (Andre Collins) was born in Falmouth Trelawney and raised with family members in between St. James and Somerton District 12 miles away from Montego Bay Jamaica, and being from the countryside; music was his only refuge. While growing up in a Christian home, all Reggae music was looked upon as forbidden music. Casta and his friends followed musicians such as Pappa San, Wolf Man, Free I, and Lieutenant Stichie because they were the only artists who introduced extreme styles and flavor that attracted him to the innovative music."

It appears that Castafari registered his domain name in December 2008, this to me signals a step forward and the taking of his craft seriously. Castafari has a link to purchase his lates cd download, latest video, gallery all in one place. I saw Castafari perform for the first time at the New England Music Festival, due to the rush nature of the show, I did not get a chance to hear his performance. However, through his website I was able to explore his music, etc.



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