Broadjam: Free music promotion,etc!

I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently; Shoemoney. I recommend Shoemoney to those persons who are interested in turning their blog into a brand/money maker. Every Friday Shoe Money has a "free shirt friday". They picked for this past friday. I check out the site and loved the concept.

How Does BroadJam Help Musicians?

Broadjam helps its tens of thousands of musicians and bands promote their music online. Musicians use Broadjam to:

  • Sell music downloads (Sell for $.99, Keep $.80!)-Cannot beat this?
  • Submit music to film & TV supervisors, radio stations, and pro reviewers
  • Build a fan base of Broadjam listeners
  • Enter contests to win prizes and exposure
  • Get a musician's website
Naturally, I went to search for Caribbean genres of music, there were some. However, for all the Caribbean music that exist; we should have more music represented on this website. They offer features for TV & Movies licensing and much more. I think the West Indian community should be aware of this.

The site starts off with Free package but additional feature will cost up to $200 USD a year.



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