I recently had a dilemma of whether or not to switch my email promotion service. I had a couple options to consider. The first is pay as you go. I hate monthly fees (I say that with passion) and while monthly fees are good for some. I think monthly service fee for a mailing list service is a rip off.

The second is, options they provide, will a mailing list service company allow me to carry any additional mailing credit I did not use to the next month? I want to also be able to transfer all the contacts from my hotmail without having to export and import. Import and exporting can be a headache if they do not allow you to transport all your contacts.

With a mailing list of over 5,000, I know how important this list is to my business. I like ownership and prefer to convert those who are my friends into subscribers. The key point is that my mailing list is made up of a targeted audience, which is important to the ongoing effort of my business.

I decided to give Graphic Mail a try. Here is Why

They offer the pay as you go option
I can transport direct mailing list from hotmail
60 day Trial
Many templates to chose from
East set up



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