Online information can be disseminated easily and create a blitz of information about products, service, albums, events. From my experience, there are a few rules you should live by.

The presentation is important to catching anyone’s eye. Make it simple, easy. As the CEO of Caribbean Lifestyle Media I have my hands full and trying to locate information about you and your product is not efficient on my end. Have all your information ready to go. If it is a video, no editing should be necessary. Mail stuff, I know many people don’t do that now a days, but when it is physically there, it gets my attention.

Big versus Reachable
Below, I list online mediums which collectively boast millions of visitors per month and are more receptive to Caribbean companies, artiste, etc than any TV station, one website, or traditional media will ever be. Get all their contact information and send your information to them. Try and get a meeting with CBS, Jamaica Observer, Trinidad Guardian or any other traditional media and let me know how long it takes to get a call back. However, each online media company has small staff or no staff and information is easily published. *Read story on money the New York Times could save if they refocused their efforts.

Online is Media
As I mentioned above, you can reach millions of your target audience by creating relationships with new media; for a fraction of the cost or no cost at all. Online media is not spending their days trying to adapt, we are already adapted to the new market place. We are flexible!

List of Online media








*Please list media companies in the comment section that I may have missed

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