The Fine Print!

This past weekend I went to a popular electronics store to get check out new equipment. As you may or may not know, parking costs $30 USD or higher for an hr or more in Manhattan. This particular store advertised that you can park in a parking garage down the street and get your ticket validated.

My experience in this store was horrible, I was told by the person behind the counter (not great service) that I can get my ticket validated by the person at the cash register. The cash register attendant told me I needed to get my ticket validated down the street at customer service. Customer service told me I needed to spend $200USD to get my ticket validated. It took me an extra fifteen minutes to learn that I cannot park for free. Their sign clearly said free parking if you are shopping @ "store to remain nameless".

Apparently the fine print did say you can park for free if cost of products is $200USD or more. How many times have you felt duped by a company? I have personally boycotted many stores/establishments for the same reason. The fine print usually leave the customer walking away feeling cheated. I think the fine print was meant to trick and cheat. Be upfront, let me make the decision if I want to shop in your store. If I had great service and someone told me upfront, I probably would have spent well over $200 and return for other products.
*Photo by Striatic (flcikr)

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