One of my passions is collecting Caribbean domains. Some I develop into businesses and others are just there because of future potential. There are a few domains which are currently owned by others, I would love to get my hands on. being one of them. Ever so often, I go just to see if anyone has developed the domain into a true representation of Reggae's little brother.

While I admire, Digimedia, the parent company of I cringe when I think about how long it is taking them to realize the full potential of this domain name. You may now be wondering, who is Digimedia? Think, or maybe, maybe, how about football). They own all those wonderful domains, right along with

I am complaining because they have spent a great deal of time developing all those other domains and poor has been left to be a parked page. I would like to see if DigiMedia will develop this domain into a powerhouse for Dancehall artistes and music. That is my only wish, well maybe two, the second is partner with us at Caribbean Lifestyle Media. :)

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