*'Smiling People and Red Ship' Carl-Henning Pedersen 1950The Carl-Henning Pedersen Museum, Herning, Denmark

Comfort Zones are killing ideas everywhere. To become aware that you are way too comfortable with mediocre is more difficult than you think. Here are a few hints that you are in a Dead Zone, I mean comfort Zone.

1. You have many ideas, no execution

It never fails, I meet people all the time who talk about what they want to do. The best judge of any person is their actions. Actions are the execution of ideas. Make them work, put all your soul into what you want to become. I often ask friends to try and do anything. (i.e trying to drop a pen.) They will then drop the pen and I correct them by saying you just dropped the pen. That was not trying, you did it. The pen is now on the ground. There is no in between. It is either you do it or you don't. "Trying" is an excuse word. For example, I am "trying" to be better versus I am "going" to be better.

2. No substance
I find that reading is essential to growing your internal database. The "know how" is the difference between those who execute ideas and those who decided not to. It is important to note that in your endeavors, whatever you do is based on a set of "know how" that may or may not be expanded to achieve manifestation of your ideas. Information is floating around this wonderful thing called the Internet. Libraries, book stores are all sources of information where people can start a process of building their internal database.

3. All Excuses
Responsibility is the benchmark of continuous internal growth. Taking and being aware of your responsibility is essential when trying to get out of the comfort zone. Dr. Wayne Dyer recently wrote a book "Excuses Begone". We make excuses all the time about why we don't do something. Lame, Lame. Get up, Get Out and Get it! Read Exceprt from Excuses Begone

Where ever you are in the Caribbean and diaspora, make your ideas a reality by executing through a process of learning, growing, open-mindedness, awareness. This is how you get time on your side, instead of something which is continuously fleeting.



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