My Favorite Facebook groups

Here is my absolute favorite facebook groups. I generally open email from these groups because I am interested. They all tend to have a Caribbean theme. They are updated quite frequently.

1. Soca Now Movement-bring Soca category to Myspace

2. Know your music business-by Keron James a lawyer, artiste giving out advice for folks in music biz

3. Dancehall Worldwide-what else can I say

3. Bacchanal Soca Junkiez-Soca vibes from Jamaica

4. Carnival 360- A great concept by the folks @ Toronto Lime

5. Reggae Vs Soca,who cares, we love them all-This one is self explanatory, if you know me.

6. Solid Agency-the home of bounty, Etana will keep you updated on the latest music

7. Timberlee-This Dancehall Vixen is truly talented. Big up Manchester! :)

8. West Indian/Caribbean yellow pages. I like what they do.



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