The Caribbean music download market is heating up. VP Records, Trinidad Tunes to Music Pass are all reaching for market dominance. I recently spoke with the CEO of IRibbean Tunes, who gave me some insight into the IRibbean platform for downloading music.

About IRibbean Tunes
iRibbeantunes the music site dedicated to the advancement and exposure of Caribbean bands and artists. We specialise in selling Caribbean music in a variety of genres to audiences across the world. Our mission is to be the most admired and reputable source for Caribbean music and media content in the world. We want to be known for transparency and integrity, quality products and outstanding customer service.

iRibbeantunes is a high quality Internet music store. We have in place a number of Digital Distribution Agreements with major Caribbean artists, publishing companies and record management companies. All our music is obtained directly from these sources. We hold non exclusive rights to all the music, and we are authorized to retail all the music that appears on our website.
At iRibbean Limited we understand the tremendous effort, time and expense that is required to produce quality music. We acknowledge that although we may not be able to completely eradicate piracy, making Caribbean music more widely accessible and easier to purchase is one way to reduce instances of music piracy and lost revenue for the artists.

We deal directly with the artists or authorized representatives to provide the best quality Caribbean music for our customers. We are passionate about what we do, and we want to build a customer base that will see us as an honest, well managed company with whom it is a pleasure to do business with. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or want to discuss any aspect of our business.

My only critique to the CEO was, while I like the marketable name of IRibbean Tunes. I also liked the domain name of Caribbean tunes dot com(Name already registered). Caribbean tunes dot com is a domain name that may come in handy if this company wanted to ever sell, attract investors, etc. This is evidenced by Mogulus who re-branded under the Livestream domain. I do not have any stats on this but I would be willing to bet that Caribbean folks are not major download buyers. The download market is more profitable when marketed abroad and they will quickly get the idea of Caribbean Tunes versus IRibbean tunes.

The pros of the unique name of IRibbean is the ability to trademark the name without much issues. Itunes is still one of the Caribbean major suppliers of music online and VP is aiming high for the online market. IRibbean does have an opportunity because they can reach out to emerging artist from the Caribbean and Diaspora in a way major retailers like Itunes (Read
Simone's blog) and VP cannot.

*It is important to note, VP Records and Itunes is of our affiliate companies @



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