It is sometimes difficult for emerging Caribbean brands to such as DancehallSoca to be recognized by mainstream media. The Internet is paving the way for people who use this medium to locate ways of getting their brands in the consciousness of their targeted audience.

Consciousness is an important point to highlight because my company is a brand which has been built exclusively off the idea that "Dancehall Soca" and "Soca Dancehall" are such recognizable term that it is easy to remember and create an emotional response to those who immediately get it. I set out see what was being said, how many times the term was being used, or any variation of it. It was a nice surprise to have seen the term "Dancehall Soca" referred to in Trinidad & Tobago's Guardian:

Regis noted there were few songs on children who had died in horrible circumstances, like Sean Luke, Akiel Chambers, Amy Annamunthudo or Hope Arismendez. He attributed this to mainstream calypsonians’ obsession with “poli-theatrics.” “Contemporary calypso is obsessed with poli-theatrics and grand reflections on the state of the nation and the world. The plight of the suffering child is not seen as being of particular interest to calypso audiences,” said Regis. “Dancehall soca, the current craze of Carnival, is consumed with the frenzied escapist gymnastics of the contemporary Carnival,” Regis said, adding that many “couldn’t care less about suffering children.”

While the term used was not a direct quote to us @, it was a mention of a term which is now in the consciousness of those reading which is important. The tool I utilize is an important one to me and should be to anyone who publishes information on the web. The tool I use is Google Alert and this tool will search the Internet for the terms you wish to track across the web. It is important to me that terms that are a part of my company's brand and brand recognition be alerted back to me for a variety of reasons. The above story being one of them.



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