Group Think: Pros & Cons

I must admit I have been spending some time thinking about Group Think. I wanted to process the next steps for my business from a pros and cons perspective. What is currently popular, who is doing what, and how I can dare to learn from them and create fusion. Being different is difficult and rarely create anything successful. People tend to accept things when they are created with fusion in mind. Twitter is an example of this, it is social media with a little twist. They were not the first social media website but they refined the idea to create fusion.

On one hand, there are benefits to getting information from the group, there are also negative aspect to thinking with the group. This process applies to all aspect of live. My formula is simple, I try to go with truth. Truth is well informed, open to be corrected, and open to learn. The term Group Think was first coined by American Sociologist William H. Whyte. His studies mostly focused on human behavior. The individual who is not critical of their interaction with the group can become a pawn. I think this applies to popular culture, meaning, what ever is popular where you are.

The question, I pondered has always been about how things come together where others may not see a connection. I would argue that making connections between things has always been the catalyst for innovation. The ability to see connection would mean that you are aware of the Group, but open and willing to see what else exist. This can come with a harsh backlash from the group, nevertheless, if you believe in the truth of what you are doing the process can be rewarding.

When doing things that have never been done, it take guts and a undeniable knowing in one's self. It is simple, set goals and achieve them. If you fail, the benefits are immeasurable. In failure, we learn the greatest lessons (hopefully).

Benefits of the group:
People are essential to any business, product, service
Create powerful movement

Cons of the group:
Decisions take long to be executed
Truth is put on the back burner
Innovation is stifled
Create powerful movement-for negative reasons



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