So how do you like the new $5,000 dollar bill? There is quite a bit of debate about who should have been on the bill. The first thought I had was, " it easier to carry large sums of money around".

Excerpt from Jamaica Observer

"Only the images of national heroes and dead prime ministers go on our money. The criteria came about soon after we started using our own money," Morrison told the Observer.

The images of the country's six national heroes - Marcus Garvey (50 cents), Samuel Sharpe ($50), Paul Bogle ($2 and 25 cents), Nanny of the Maroons ($500), Norman Manley ($5) and Alexander Bustamante ($1) - have all been used on local currency. The images of late prime ministers Donald Sangster ($100) and Michael Manley, ($1,000), have also been used, leaving Shearer as the only eligible candidate for the $5,000 bill.

*If you are interested in details from Bank of Jamaica, click here



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