Imeem Launch its mobile app

I have a VIP account with Imeem and have found the service to be great for the music playlist feature we use @ DancehallSoca. Today I received some good news from Imeem. They now offer a free download of their App on Iphone.

About Imeem

imeem Mobile is a free application available on the iPhone. Imeem Mobile lets you stream music for free, create custom radio stations and access your personal imeem music library wherever you are.

Imeem's award-winning mobile application is available now as a FREE download: Itunes

Enjoy some of the great features of imeem Mobile, including:
* Artist Radio: Search for your favorite bands and create custom artist stations that play music from those artists and others like them
* MyMusic: Upload your personal music library to and stream that music through your mobile device
* Buy MP3 downloads: Purchase MP3 downloads with one click
* Featured Stations & Music Recommendations: Get music recommendations based on your personal listening habits and those of the imeem community
* Integration with imeem Mobile seamlessly integrates with features on The music you listen to on the go will influence the recommendations you receive on, and vice versa

Internet Radio in your car

I recently had a conversation with a dj about radio in cars. If you have a itouch or iphone you have internet connection (wifi) and if you have AUX connection in your car. You can basically log on and get the radio of your choice. If you do not have a AUX connection for your Iphone, you can get an adapter. Imeem has essentially made it easier for you. If you are able to get your hands on a T-Mobile G1, the download is available as well



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