Television, radio, and newspapers are all considered old media. I am not pronouncing the death of old media. Consolidation will be necessary in order for old media to make the transition from analog mind set to digital.

The Challenge

The life span for a television show will be a few years, at best. The same can be said for radio. A radio show can be archived but not indexed without the Internet. Newspapers are not easy to be accessed without paying for it. This highlight a fundamental shift in how and when people get information.

New media
The Internet flipped the concept of how information is disseminated. Any content on the Internet will be indexed and archived for as long as the Internet exists. This blog maybe read by the loyal visitors to informtainment immediately. However, the future search for this content is where we build our readership base.

This reader base will create a power house for those who have invested with their websites, blogs, etc. In other words, when you write now, the information will create an audience later. Twitter, facebook, and search engines will bring this to a tipping point. Resource here & here

No Worries
There are some who are concerned about how people will sift through the influx of information. The fact of the matter is, people have online brands they love, and will stick with those brands. If you are like me, I have everything organize on my computer. I get 90% of my news from the Internet. Most of the information I search for can be months or years old. I would not be able to locate this information on TV, radio, or in the newspaper. The old media platforms are not made for easy access of information.

The Revival
NPR is a great example of how a old media company can index and create material that is easily accessible for years to come. CNN is also another example of this revival of new media. CNN has embraced twitter, facebook, and other media platforms. Most notable, the purchase of from Domainer Rick Schwartz. CNN paid Rick over 700,000 for this domain.



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