Having wowed members of the print and electronic media with their presentation for the upcoming 2009 Carnival Season at the recently held press launch on April 9 at Sandals Grande, executive members of Toxik Carnival Band are putting all of their energies into equally thrilling local audiences as the band prepares for its public launch.Band leader Jason Hullingseed says the event will take place on April 30, 2009 and will take the form of a beach bash at Choc beach near the Wharf restaurant. Hullingseed says this year’s launch will attempt to put a different twist to the typical and traditional carnival band launch, blending an exciting mix of pageantry, revellery and artistry. It will also feature a full-fledged production packed with top local entertainers.

Toxik’s portrayal for 2009 is “Dreams . . . Living the Impossible”. That theme Hullingseed says will be brought to life via six colourful sections namely: Dejavu, Dream Catchers, Dream Wonderers, Wet Dreams, Heavenly Dreams and Nightmares with the males in this section depicting Majee Noir and females as Banshees.Members of the press got their first glimpse of the costumes and had all of their questions answered by executive members at Thursday’s launch. Also in attendance at last week’s launch were officials of the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), and many corporate sponsors. Hullingseed says some pre-registration has already begun, but the rest of the general public will get their chance to officially register to ‘play mas’ with Toxik—the New Carnival Revolution Band on the day of the launch. Source



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