By Damian Sogren

The global cycle of Carnival celebrations has once again commenced only a mere two months after the completion of the major Carnival festival held in Trinidad and Tobago. In this case, Jamaica, a land renowned for its rich Reggae and Dancehall culture was host to the pulsating rhythms of sweet Soca music alongside major events to bring in the festive Easter weekend.

The end of Carnival in T&T symbolises the beginning of the Christian Lenten period, however Carnival in Jamaica seemed to be strategically placed to acknowledge the end of Lent and to welcome the season of renewal better known as Easter.

The team received the Easter blessing of media access to cover the weekend’s major event entitled “Bacchanal Beach Jouvert”, which as its name suggests, combines the dirty, messy essence of Jouvert (as most people know it) with the beauty of a pleasant seaside ambience. Read More



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