E shopping in the Caribbean is gaining ground, some offer music downloads (Trinidadtunes.com) and others offer electronics (Jamdeal). ILALOO seems to be a comprehensive site with customer service built in. This site would benefit from a 24/7 assistance service because the contact number is only for Jamaica. The information below is from their site.
Some categories listed on the website has no products. My recommendation would be that they connect with third party companies to offer products through CPA (cost per action). check it out and let me know what you think.

iLALOO.Com is the Caribbean's first online shopping portal, that is available exclusively to Caribbean businesses wishing to advetise on the Internet. iLALOO.Com offers an innovative new shopping experience to the people of the Caribbean, by bridging the gap between a traditional e-commerce website and a online business directory. We are currently focused on Jamaican businesses, however we will slowly expand to include all the other islands.

What we do
In the Caribbean, it is difficult to find venture capitalists, or trade shows to help fund or market small businesses. The goal of iLALOO.Com is to help fill this gap, by promoting the products and services offered by businesses in the Caribbean, especially small businesses. By making the basic functionality of the website free, we would like to ensure that all companies have an equal opportunity to use the website. The only requirement for advertising, as a "business", is for that business to be registered with the local registrar of companies. The operating address registered with the business name, should be accurate at the time of registration.

Major Benefits
iLALOO.Com offers three (3) main services:

1. Online Shopping Directory: The primary website, located at http://shopping. i LALOO.Com, which allows users to shop for the product and services offered by businesses in the Caribbean. Businesses are able to post their products and services at no charge, i.e. free. However only businesses are permitted to advertise an unlimited number of products and services on the website. The only restriction is that each advertisement must be reviewed by the iLALOO support team before it is displayed. This is to ensure that the integrity of the website is maintained as much as possible.

2. Online Business Directory: The business directory is located at http://business. i LALOO.Com. Visitors are able to search for businesses using either the predefined categories, or by entering a search for the business name. Businesses registered on the website are also given their own webpage, so that their customers can view their latest products and services. As an option, businesses can enable an integrated shopping cart which allows customer to submit online order requests to them (payment and pickup will be done offline, at the relevant store location). This page also links to an integrated Google Map, which displays the exact geographic location of the business. For example, to go to the iLALOO webpage of Strawberry Hills Resorts, point your browser to, http://www.ilaloo.biz/gostrawberryhill.

3. Mobile Shopping Directory: The cellphone version of our website is located at http://mobile. i LALOO.Com. This website is available to any cellphone with a WAP-enabled or WEB-enabled browser, and from any service provider, whether it is Lime (formerly known as Cable and Wireless), Digicel, Claro or any other carrier in the island that offers an internet connection to the cellphone. Users are able to search for any product or service, and the businesses that offers them. Users are also able to browse business categories or search for a business name, which allows customers to get directions to a particular store's physical location.

We also offer optional sponsored advertisements, which gives increased visibility on the website. All advertisement options are shown on the Advertisement webpage. We are constantly developing new features, some of which are scheduled to be released within the next few months.

The website was first launched in 2006. The primary goal was to allow users to quickly find products and services, through the sharing of purchase information by members of the website. In 2007, we realized that small businesses would benefit greatly from these services. It would also generate a true picture of the products and service available in the Caribbean. A strategic decision was made to shift our focus from individuals only, to primarily businesses. This required doing some amount of research. Development began in January 2008, and the website was relaunched in November 2008 as a shopping portal. We are constantly accepting feedback on how to improve the quality of the service offered to customers and businesses.



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