If you are not familar with FiWEH.com, then this would be the ideal
opportunity for your to experience what we've been doing to enhance
the West Indian Music experience online. Never before have been a West
Indian Online service that's dedicated to JUST Reggae & Soca Music,
Artists, Labels and Promoters. In order to understand what we do at
FiWEH.com, you must ask yourself this question:

Where does Reggae & Soca music go when it's no longer hot on the

If you are unable to present a solid response, then you will now
understand why, The answer should be 'FiWEH.com'

We are an Online Music Service dedicated to the streaming of Reggae
& Soca Music & Videos. We offer fans a place to listen non-stop
streaming music, read news article, watch music videos, interviews,
concerts and view images from major events worldwide.

We provide Industry Reps and independent Musicians the opportunity
to utilize our resources to manage their careers and their Artist
careers online using our Artist Management System. This system allows
Record Labels and Managers to maintain multiple Artists profiles using
one FiWEH.com Record Label/Management Account.

What's the meaning of 'FiWEH'?

The word 'FiWEH' derives from a combination of two Jamaican words
'Fi' and 'Weh' which means 'For' and 'We' and when put together it
means 'Our'. It is pronounced 'Fi-Wi'.

We choose the word because we wanted to summarized the idea of what
we were promoting . We not only want to create a single source of West
Indian Music and Videos, we want to also extend this concept towards
the entire West Indian Entertainment Industry.

Who can use 'FiWEH'?

Our services were created as a gateway for Music Reps to use as tool
for advertising and Promotions. We extended our services to enable
Artists, Record Labels, Concert Promoters, Music & Video Directors,
Production Companies, Distributing Companies, Music Producers,
Managers, A&R's, Club Owners to utilize our online services for the
purpose of marketing and promotions.
All our services are provided Free of charge because we have an
advance management system that can generate maximum exposure for
aspiring musicians if used properly.



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