This project has been three months in the making. I decided that in order to take DancehallSoca to the next level. I needed a new design. The project was done by Bites Technology. I am happy that I can finally say the website is ready to go.

The most notable improvements are

1. A area for members to sign up here

2. DancehallSoca TV is located on the front page (easy access)

3. Players are now all on one page

4. DancehallSoca only profile emerging artiste from the Caribbean. This is their place to get their shine. We will play videos, and on occasionally interview a establish artiste like Kiprich but for the most part our interviews are for the emerging artiste. We will continue to search long and hard on the internet and other places to find talented Caribbean artiste. This segment was called Dem A Buss.

5. Comments can be made on interviews, press releases, and other articles.

6. Overall, a cleaner, fresher look. I hope you enjoy. What do you think?



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