Last year, he had declared that he "done with the clash thing", this year he has stepped it up several notches with his very public announcement at follow di Arrow on Saturday night that "I will not contribute to the demise of Jamaica. I was the one who said 'People dead'. Well nobody more nuh fi dead," a very intelligent-sounding Killer stated.

"And, those who don't like the new Bounty . bye bye," he added for good measure, stating that he has grown older and much wiser, even as he reached for highly charged songs from his repertoire, which he described as "lyrics done when I was trodding like the devil".

Perhaps it was his confidence and his don't-give-a-damn attitude, but unlike Sting when he made his declaration to 'boos', this time the fans wholeheartedly embraced the Killer's statement and his were among the biggest forwards of the night. "It's time to change and we artistes have the voice," he said in recognition of a universal truth. Read more


By the time the curtains closed on the 10th renewal of Follow Di Arrow, there was absolutely no doubt about who had emerged winners of the two highly-touted clashes - Kip Rich and Merciless.

Kippo, in a superb follow-up to his Sting performance, totally demolished the two-pronged attack from Monster Hemphigher's Roundhead and General B. But, Kip Rich is a lyricist and even before the first lyrical rock was hurled, it was almost a given that he would have been the victor. Read DancehallSoca interview



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