In my opinion, “Wine up on me” is one of the best Soca tunes for 2008. Tell us about the conception the song.

Thank you, my producers Pen and Ace wrote the song. I did a little editing. I want my music to be as clean as possible because a lot of people listen. The music tends to get out of hand. What I learn from doing “coming down de road” is that people was attracted to the song because it was not about woman and bumpahs. For wine upon me, I came out of my element. We all worked on it and they thought I would be the best person for the song.

Yes, you were!

We wanted the song to have something catchy. The part where it says [singing] “put up your hand, it is more iron”. The song had like two hooks. It was catchy and everybody took to it. A lot of people tell me it is a big song. I would not know. I hope it gets to Trinidad [Carnival 2009]. Read interview



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