Never do what the masses do!

The world will always face interesting times. Many are trying to find their way out of the maze. A while back I identified three motivators in society: Hope, Fear & Love. Any one of these motivators can steer us in the direction of following the masses, follow the trends, be like the crowd, fit in.

Through out history, people who made a simple shift in their thought process or consciousness was able to recognize opportunities in places other people may not. One of my favorite authors Wayne Dyer stated that when one changes the way one look at things/situations, the things/situations we look at changes. This may seem like just semantics, let's not forget how important semantics is to relaying a message or for political parties to win elections. Semantics could mean the difference between war,peace, love and hate.

Galileo said the world was round and conventional thinking at the time said it was flat. ( They Killed him) Most people today will tell you something will not work without actually experiencing what they tell you will not work. If you follow the masses of people in the world, new emerging ideas will not see the light of day. Go ahead and do something different without fear, fail a little. I have always learn from my failures.



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