Myspace makes its move!

Just a thought: For all the Caribbean artistes who utilize myspace. Do you think they will actually get a Rep for the Caribbean, this person would need to be well versed in Caribbean music. Preferable, a born and raise West Indian. just a thought!

MySpace Music, the joint venture between MySpace and the major labels to provide free streaming music to users, is announcing its executive team this afternoon. The president of the company, Courtney Holt, was announced late last year. Today the company showing off the rest of the team.

The key new executives are Jamie Kantrowitz (SVP Strategy and Global Marketing), Alex Maghen (CTO), Nancy Taylor (Lead Counsel, VP Business Development & Legal Affairs), Roberto Fisher (VP Product and Operations) and Frank Hajdu (Executive Director, Strategy & Business Development). The memo from MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe to all MySpace and MySpace Music employees is below.

Kantrowitz, Hajdu and Fisher were previously with MySpace and transition over to the music team. Maghen previously was CTO of both Yahoo Music/Launch and MTV Networks Online. Taylor has held a number of senior management positions with major music companies, most recently as SVP of Warner/Chappel Music. Fisher was previously Senior Director of Product for Yahoo Music. Read More



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