The following is an excerpt of the talk-show programme titled 'INSIDE THE MUSIC BIZ' co-hosted by Thaddeus 'Teddy' Laidley every Wednesday at 3:30 to 4:00 pm. The programme is aired on Hot 102 FM during The Hot Mix, with Richie B 2:00 to 5:00 PM. INSIDE THE MUSIC BIZ is aimed at offering insights into the music business for aspiring artistes and industry personnel.
Oftentimes when a new artiste is asked about his/her media kit, they usually enter into a moment of questioning. What is a media kit? What is it used for? How do I compile one? So really, what is an artiste media kit?

According to the website,, by definition, a media kit is a package of promotional materials that includes a review copy of your album/CD, demo, or official album release. Different versions of the press kit include materials suited for different recipients, as in music columnists, promoters, radio programmers or A&R representatives. The artiste press kit is also known as a media kit or publicity package and its most important component is the biography.

It is used for music promotion, music publicity, booking agents, and artist promotion. Tad Lathrop in his book, This Business of Music, stated that "press kits can be in electronic form on DVDs Websites etc, and is known as the electronic press kit (EPK). The electronic press kits typically contain electronic version of all most every thing included in a printed press kit". The electronic press kit is deemed an advantage as it contains audio and visual materials and such heighten the visibility and marketability of the artist. Another advantage is its flexibility and accessibility, owing to the fact that it can be easily downloaded when needed. Read More



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