He's dancehall, he's lover's rock, and to American fans, he's the newest Caribbean export who is heating up the airwaves. Serani, a member of the producing phenom DASECA, saw his solo career soar when he recently realized any Caribbean artist's dream by signing with a major label.

Now a Universal Republic artist, Serani is about to release the hits dancehall fans have been enjoying ever since his solo move, to the masses.


Recently at Club Maracas in Queens, New York, Serani performed to a sold-out crowd as part of Queen's promoter Satish Singh's birthday bash. He had the males with their hands in the air and the females scrambling to climb the stage, as he chatted tunes like "DOH" and "Everywhere I Go," and serenaded with "She Loves Me" and current Billboard hit, "No Games."

If the show proved anything, it is that Serani has the ability to satisfy everyone, with hits for the guys and gals alike.

Serani FOX INC.

Serani with FOX INC. publicists, Michelle Naraine and Shelly Dookhie.



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