Due to various breaches of agreements, the original producer, Cezar Brumeanu had officially resigned from the Montreal International Reggae Festival several months ago, but only decided to announce it publicly today, hoping that maybe certain issues would have been resolved by now, unfortunately they were not. He was hired as its initial producer/organizer for the first five (5) years since its conception in 2004 by its founder and still current president, Mr. Eric Blagrove.

Because of certain breaches of contract by this Festival's administration, and due to the ousting of another original member, Mr. Ricardo Forbes earlier in 2008 (BEFORE this past summer's 2008 Festival) by the current President, as well as the ongoing unprofessionalism for the past few years prior and during the event by this administration and some of its affiliated associates; towards staff, production team members, certain artists, equipment suppliers, financial supporters, and evidently the spectators which ultimately deserve a quality and professionally administered event, the entire production team will no longer work nor be affiliated with this particular event in any which way whatsover.

We, the production team and other supporters, have been trying to keep this festival together since the beginning in 2004, sacrificing a lot of our time for fixing broken bridges caused by certain affiliates of this administration, only to realize that we were all slowly being pushed out by this administration's desire to operate in an unprofessional manner.

For those of you who don't fully know how the Festival started, here's a brief official summary as its always been since the begining:

Mr. Eric Blagrove (the President/Founder 2004-Present) had asked Ricardo Forbes (Artist Coordinator 2004-2008) to look for a producer who can organize such a large event, which he originally wanted to call "Reggae Sunsplash". Ricardo Forbes then brought in Cezar Brumeanu (Producer 2004-2008) who has been organizing and producing live events (musical, non-musical, sport, and corporate) for private, corporate, and government entities since the age of 15, and who has been looking at different avenues to organize a larger event since 2002. The three (3) of them sat down and decided to call it the "Montreal International Reggae Festival" and that it would be held at the Old Port of Montreal, based on Mr. Brumeanu's suggestion. The rest, as they say...is history!



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