Mr. Vegas performs in Kenya

For the second time in his vibrant career, Mr. Vegas embarked on a journey to "The Motherland" of Africa to headline the mega-concert "Generation Jipange" in Nairobi, Kenya. There, the popular singjay delivered his hits to nearly 70,000 people. According to officials, this was the largest event of its kind to take place in Kenya.

When Mr. Vegas graced the stage, he was moved by the massive audience. Backed by Thugz band, Mr. Vegas proceeded to deliver a set of his hits to fans -- jumpstarted by strong performances of "Hot It Up" and "Hot Gal Today." Mr. Vegas followed his chart-toppers with a medley of Reggae favorites, which invigorated the youth. He was later joined on stage by over-the-top dancer Boricia. The crowd went wild as Boricia displayed the latest dancehall moves in the most eccentric fashion. Clearly, the Kenyan youth embraced the "dance" in dancehall music. By the immense turn out, it was clear to see Mr. Vegas' reach and the universal power of Reggae music.

"Generation Jipange" refers to a new youth movement in Kenya centered on empowering youth to stay healthy, pursue education/employment and be positive. The free, day-long concert, which took place at Nairobi's Uhuru Gardens, was filled to capacity as early as 8:00 AM. The event was televised by Kenyan networks. In addition to Mr. Vegas, the concert had at least 14 other acts on the bill -- including popular Kenyan artist Jua Cali.

Mr. Vegas and Boricia "This was such a great experience...and it was great to return home," says Mr. Vegas. "I was truly honored to be part of an event to motivate Kenyan youth."

Mr. Vegas' billing at "Generation Jipange" marks his second time performing in Africa and the largest performance of his career. It was the singjay's respected summer stint in Uganda that made him a prime candidate to headline the Kenyan concert. Inevitably, the well publicized and attended "Generation Jipange" concert granted Mr. Vegas with high visibility. It won't be surprising when Mr. Vegas becomes a household name in Africa. Plans are underway for Mr. Vegas to again perform in "The Motherland" early next year.

It's been a year of worldwide magnitude for Mr. Vegas, as he has been blessed with opportunities to entertain thousands of people across the globe. Aside from the record-breaking crowd in Kenya, the dancehall favorite has thoroughly captivated colossal crowds in Japan (40,000 people) and Guyana (28,000).



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