To how the thing a run, it wicked a don Texas,

says Junior Demus in the doc/film, Babylon Culture, the long anticipated sequel to Unforgiven (Reggae Street Wars), produced by Lyric DVD Magazine.

Opening with piano, images from what could be the 6:00 news flash across the screen while a well thought out, and carefully edited film fades in on the soundtrack’s brilliant violin solo:

“Dancehall did not create this system. The system created Dancehall.

And so it came to be, a clash of civilizations. From a place of mist and much rain, comes the pirate Henry Morgan”, reads across the screen as the voice of Peter Tosh echoes:

“When Columbus, Henry Morgan and Francis Drake come on ya, unnu call them pirates, and you put them in reading books…? ...and give us observation; that we must look at and live the life and principle of pirates. ? Tell the youths nah fi fire up dem guns!, like, Henry Morgan! You nah see it!?”

This must see sequel, Babylon Culture, picks up where Unforgiven left off explaining that dancehall lyrics don't kill, they merely mimic the harsh conditions many face in the garrisons. With a cast of groundbreaking reggae celebrities including: the “Grammy Kid”, MICHAEL ROSE from the prestigious BLACK UHURU; from Grand Theft Auto, MOVADO; and The Five Star General – BOUNTY KILLER, Babylon Culture continues the dialogue.

Babylon Culture presents a system that produces the “ghetto” or “crabs in a barrel” mentality. From beginning to end the star studded edition features the likes of Jamaican Police Chief - Mark Shields from Scotland Yard, Chino, Earl Sixteen, Spice, Munga Honorable, Deva Bratt, Nuclear, Dosa Medicine and many more.

The system was created to make people poor and to keep them that way, hence the system is one that leaves very little room for those within its walls to escape its deadly conditions.

Lyric takes you within the walls, talking to people who live this reality - giving you access where many have been denied.

Lyric DVD Magazine’s Babylon Culture tackles issues with the artists that many try to sweep under the carpet. If you are a lover of HARDCORE dancehall and/or a fan of culture this issue is for your collection.



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