I had a conversation with a friend of mines the other day about how to position one's self for success. T.D. Jake wrote a good book title "Reposition: Living Life Without Limits." This is the same position I take when it comes to new ideas. Within the multi verse there are endless amount of ideas that go to waste daily.

These ideas go on for years without ever seeing the light of day because of three motivators. Seth Godin describe these as FEAR, HOPE, and LOVE. He talks about it from a marketing perspective but I think it applies to life. Read more here

Just like the idea of the 11Th dimension, those who supported only 10 dimensions in String theory refused to entertain the idea of a eleventh dimension.

Thoughts and actions are the catalyst for any new idea to be utilized for practical purposes.

The scientists who finally embraced the 11Th dimension, embrace a new concept thus change the way they looked at String theory. String Theory has now paved the way for M Theory-A theory of everything.

The case in point, you are reading this from where ever you are in the world on a platform that was not possible 30 years ago. What else is possible?

The point is if you change the way you look at something, the thing you are looking at changes (Wayne Dyer). Embrace your new ideas, they all seem crazy at first. Dream, take action, and execute. Reposition yourself to create your destiny.

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