Omari Ferrari

Feeling surrounded by stale lyrics and repetitive melodies? Never fear, your cry for something new has been heard! The sound pumping through your computer’s speakers is not a dream! Now is the time to immerse yourself with Omari Ferrari.

Rewinding back to when it all started, Connecticut is the setting for our Superstar’s beginning. Growing up in a proud West-Indian family, O has always had music in his ears. From his earliest days, songs like “Red Red Wine” poured constantly through his household speakers, sparking a strong fascination with melodies and the way songs worked. His natural talents were instantly realized on his first day of piano lessons. He dreamed about conquering an entire range of instruments, but with a mind so full, his childhood dreams were put aside, and new ambitions were formed.

But when music calls, there’s no hiding from it. In 2003 on a family trip to London, music came knocking again in Omari Ferrari’s life. Here enters Marcellus Joseph, owner of Black Box Studio. Sitting in the “Black Box,” O had his first glimpse into the world of music production. From that moment on he was a man consumed. After returning to the U.S., his new interest Nothing could stop him from being in the studio, so he packed up his things, and made London his new home. Once he was settled, he returned to the place where his love for music was ignited all over again. “I called Marcellus and asked him how to get [to the studio], and about 3 hours later (I spent 2 1/2 of those hours being lost in London) I was back at the studio. Within an hour of being there and learning how to use the MPC and Cubase, I made my 1st beat. It was a match made in heaven!!!”

Since then, music has been the driving force in Omari Ferrari’s world. After getting all he could from London life, OF found himself in St. Croix, where his eyes were opened wider by a whole new genre. Constantly jet-setting between Puerto Rico and the other islands, OF finally found his muse. “…The Caribbean. That's my favorite place in the world. I love the sun, the food, the weather, and the scenery. It allows my mind to go places that only a drug could take me, but ten times better because it gives me a natural high.”
Things were looking up for OF, but with the relaxing life style of the islands, it was easy to get sidetracked. “My greatest moment pertaining to my music is when I met Evan Rodgers and Carl Sturken in April of 2006 (the guys that discovered Rihanna). They were the ones that really showed me that I had the potential to do something GREAT with my music. For me, meeting them gave me a glimpse at how my life could be in the future. I had always doubted myself as an artist/… but when I saw how they made their music, it really validated what I was doing. Hearing them give me praise for the music that I was doing really boosted my confidence and made me want to go deeper into the music.”

After that fateful meeting, his mind refreshed his mind and renewed his motivation. It was back to work, and he was back to his influences from before. It was that same muse, and that same natural high that produced his newest sound Socaton. “My musical style is mixture of EVERYTHING... because of all the different genres of music that I listen to. I take a little piece from all of them and mix them together. For instance my "Socaton", it's a mixture of Soca and Reggaeton. I like to mix my Soca with a lot of different beats and sounds…” But as to the rest: it’s for him to know and the world the listen to.

Currently, OF is striving to make his music dreams a reality. That’s his one goal, and his highest aspiration. “I want it so that when you're trying to say something to somebody, and you're at a loss for words, you can put on one of my songs and let me do the talking for you. With my music, I'm not trying to send a message or tell people how to live their lives. My music is simply a form of self-expression, and all I can hope for is that people will embrace it. To me, it's not just music, it's my actual thoughts and experiences. My music is everything that's going on in my head. My music is ME!!!”

If you’ve made it this far, clearly you have an ear for something fresh; something new. No need to search any further, because the future is here! Omari Ferrari is the future of music!



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