Spragga Benz son killed!!

Seventeen (17) year old Carlton Grant Jr. more popularly known as 'Carlie', son of veteran dancehall artiste Spragga Benz (Carlton Grant Sr.) was killed by the Police in Downtown Kingston this morning. Carlton Grant Jr. was a lead actor in the movie Shottas.

Carlton Jr. was last seen alive riding a bicycle, wearing a mesh marino and shorts heading to a party with some friends in the downtown area where his mother resides.

In the earlier hours of Sunday morning a few persons said they heard several shots being fired intermittently followed by a break then one single shot.

Eyewitness accounts said when the young man was accosted by the Police he placed his hands in the air before being shot the first time. One ardent resident of downtown said after that occurred there was a break while a Police officer stood over him and proceeded to shoot him a second time, clearly with the intent to kill.

The residents said they then threw his body in the back of a police vehicle and drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

When asked by the residents, who were adamant that the teen was unharmed. The Police claimed he was killed because he was found with an illegal firearm. However when they asked to see the weapon no evidence was forthcoming.

Spragga Benz was reportedly overseas[ Spragga performed at West Indian Social Club promoted by Rodiesel Promotions] at the time of his son's death but his mother was present at the Hospital. The teen before meeting his demise, had a bright future ahead.



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