Althea Hewitt shoots first video

(l-r) Howard ‘Spred’ Bedasse on bass, Ervin ‘Alla’ Lloyd on piano, back to camera: Althea Hewitt, Steve Hewitt on drums, Director, Alphonso Walker on camera; Harmony singer, Conroy Jarrett partly hidden.

Althea Hewitt has just completed the video-taping of her first music video. This music video is for her recorded version of the song “The love that a woman should give to a man”, produced by Ervin ‘Alla’ Lloyd and John Alexander. The song was a big hit for the late Phyllis Dillon and was originally recorded by Patti Drew. The song now called “I’m ready” by Althea’s friends because of its newly arranged chorus has been getting good airplay and those who have heard it love it.

“I wanted to do my version of the song because it is a song I really love and one that I grew up with” Althea pointed out. Producers Lloyd and Alexander thought it a great idea and decided to produce it with a ‘year two thousand and eight’ rhythm track, giving Althea the freedom to add her jazz style of vocals to it. Musicians on the recording are Winston ‘Bopee’ Bowen and Steve Golding guitars; Ervin ‘Alla’ Lloyd and John Alexander on keyboards, Howard ‘Spred’ Bedasse on bass, backing harmonies were done by the John Alexander (who also created the drum tracks) and the legendary Boris Gardner. profiled Althea a while back. Check out interview here



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