Caribbean Pop

(pic: London, England: Buckingham Palace)
photo by Orlando

What is Caribbean Pop music?

"Popular" defined as : 1: of or relating to the general public 2: suitable to the majority: as a: adapted to or indicative of the understanding and taste of the majority.

The future growth of Caribbean music depends on the creation of opportunity for Caribbean artist to have sustainable market share beyond the Caribbean.

The challenge for Caribbean music is converting the masses into consumers of their music. It s a daunting task but possible with clear definition and vision.

We have seen some artist get a couple hits or have a couple albums. Then like yesterday, it is hard to remember them. My argument is that we already have Caribbean Popular music. You cannot go to a party in any urban centers outside of the Caribbean without hearing tunes from the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Music industry need to understand that the only reason why Sean Paul and Shaggy sell so much is because they are Caribbean Pop. Whether it is Soca, Dancehall, Reggae the wider audience only know that this music comes from the Caribbean. They may even lump all the music into one category of Reggae. This may make some Soca lovers cringe. :)

The "crossover audience" are the consumers of downloads and CD. The majority of the Caribbean market will listen to an artist and IF they like the artist songs they may then go to a show or fete.

Learn from Machel, Beenie man, Shaggy, Sean Paul. The average listener outside of the Caribbean have no idea of the difference. All they know is, it is Caribbean music.

We need to create a Caribbean Pop category in order to convert those outside of the Caribbean into consumers of our music and therefore increase awareness of each genre of music. Zouk, Mento, Soca, Dancehall.

Rap is now Pop music. Who would have thought!



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