While covering the Jadine video shoot a week ago. I had a conversation with Reggae artist Lion Melta. He strike me as someone with a strong belief in his music and inevitable success. While talking about his music,I made the statement to him "we need an industry."

We need an industry in order to continue to create and sustain Caribbean music, movies, art, other Caribbean cultural expressions.

We are in the midst of building an Industry. The Caribbean music community as a whole supports the biggest artist of the time. If you had a hit this year and not next year you are no longer relevant. There are different groups of artist, management, producers who are successful. I like what Ward 21 is doing with production and artist development.

Lets take Hollywood as an example. When you want to make a movie or become an actor, you know exactly where to go. There are some clear standards set for the process of making it in Hollywood. There are also opportunities for up and coming actors and film makers to make their movies. They can be showcased at Cannes Film Festivals or others that are available.

These things are important and that is why I will be attending the Fuzion Movement networking event in NYC on December 14Th. In an industry artist can tour and make money without ever signing a record deal. Rather, they have outlets who support and promote unsigned artist.

I am also sure we have heard the cliche "unity is strength." We have to decide what to unite around. Each individual needs the opportunity to be paid well for their talents in order to benefit financially. in the arts we already benefit personally because we do it for the love. In an industry it is about sustainability.

I was told by an associate that another company thought we(http://www.dancehallsoca.com/) were their competition. I was clear to this person that this is not competition but a process of co-optation. In building an Industry we are not at the point to compete but rather to help each other and produce a valuable product where everyone can benefit. FOX studios may compete with Universal studios because they have a large enough industry to compete.

Industry building involves collaboration, co-optation, monetary opportunities in larger society, mutual respect, Media outlets, Professional organizations, Record companies, management companies all having a clear and beneficial purpose in of support Caribbean arts Industry.



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